Notes for my Cloud certifications.

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Azure Fundamentals

Cloud Concept

This part contains general knowledge about cloud computing e.g. what are the benefits of cloud, the differences types of cloud service offering, and the differences in cloud deployment models.

Technological benefits of cloud:

Business benefits of cloud:

Types of cloud service offering:

Differences in cloud deployment model:

Core Azure Services

This part contains the introduction to different services offering in Azure for each service category:

Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust in Azure

This part contains the security Azure provided for their services as well as Azure’s commitment in privacy and regulatory compliance.

Azure services for security in different areas:

Azure Pricing and Support

This part contains the information about different types of Azure subscription, cost factors of Azure services, tools for cost calculation, and the support plans in Azure.

Azure subscription types:

Cost Factors of Azure services:

Tools for cost calculation for Azure

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Public Preview vs Private Preview features